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Our Vision

As 21st-century Social Entrepreneurs, we must be in the vanguard of new technology and opportunities. This is an SPL Token in the Solana Network that aims to become the preferred method to Be part of the repopulation of coral in the ocean and buy biodiversity vouchers transparently through blockchain technology.


In a few years, 8,000 million people will use Cryptographic Tokens as a value exchange instrument because it is a logical way to issue money, first, the value is created and as a consequence of this value we obtain the money

What is the Token for? We want to create awareness through direct participation in our project, as well as provide a sense of belonging through tokenization. 





Price sensor: The smart contract is capable of calculating the price of the token using a specific generalization of the automated markets equation.


Self-guarded: The Smart contract auto-manages liquidity by creating a reserve within the contract itself.


Self-regulated: The Smart contract only allows bidirectional changes, so the only way to extract the reserve is by burning previously minted tokens, and the only way to mint tokens is by depositing the reserve

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